Toydriver is a small, battery operated screwdriver specifically for all those annoying screws on toy battery covers. Get your child back to having fun faster without having to search your home for all different sized screwdrivers! Toydriver has just the right amount of force and won’t strip screws, can easily access hard to reach recessed screws while fitting comfortably in hand. The bits store in a handy compartment in the base when not in use.  2 AAA batteries included.


- Forward & reverse functions to tighten and loosen

- Includes 1 Phillips and 1 slotted (flathead) screw bits

- Includes 2 AAA batteries

- Bits store in base of screwdriver.

- Just the right amount of power (low torque) so small screws won't get stripped.

*Warning: Not a Toy. Adult Use Only.

Please note: 2 AAA batteries are included with each Toydriver. Batteries must be unwrapped and inserted correctly to properly function. Check instructions on the back of package.